All things Chonky

We'd Like to dedicate this page to all our chonky companions, Viva La Chonk!

We do not discrimiate against non chonky animals, we just understand that round bois need extra love and attention


A Fat or aggressivly fluffly animal

Here are Some Chonky examples to get you started

What an absolute unit

Chonky describes animals that are adorably round, plump, pudgy, or otherwise heavier than average. It was originally applied to fat cats, but has since praised dogs, squirrels, otters ect

Notice its loaf like apperance,
he is MOST CERTAINLY a big boy

But, chonky really takes off in DoggoLingo in August 2018, when a playful take on a domestic cat body-fat index chart, called the CHONK chart, landed on social media. The chart swapped out various weight risk levels with DoggoLingo terms, ranging from A Fine Boi to A Heckin Chonker to OH LAWD HE COMIN.

This is NOT a chonker
He is mearly a fine boi.
Not a roll in sight